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Experience joy in every ride with SANESA. Our commitment ensures your equine journey is fulfilling and rewarding. Join us for an unparalleled equestrian adventure!

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Discover the pinnacle of equestrian excellence with SANESA. From novices to champions, our platform fosters the finest horse riding experiences. Saddle up for greatness!

Uniting equestrians nationwide, SANESA is the ultimate platform for passionate riders. With top-notch competitions, camaraderie, and support, we pave the way for equestrian excellence. Join the ride!


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SANESA is exclusively designed for learners who represent their schools. One of our most exciting features is that riders need not affiliate with any other Equestrian Association or Club to partake in our events – the stage is open to anyone fuelled by a passion for equestrian competition.

We unite provinces and districts in spirited competitions throughout the year through 15 diverse equestrian disciplines. Our climax, the SANESA National Championships, showcases the top riders who embody their province’s pride.

A striking facet that defines SANESA is its accessibility. We champion the spirit of inclusivity, inviting all enthusiasts, whether they possess their own equine partners or not, to be part of our journey. Borrowed horses and ponies often lead aspiring riders to victory, emphasizing our commitment to creating a level playing field for everyone.

At the heart of our endeavour is a simple truth: what truly matters is the fervour for horses and ponies, coupled with an unwavering commitment to fun. SANESA stands as a bridge between passion and performance, crafting not just skilled competitors, but lifelong aficionados of equestrianism.

Galloping Dreams, Uniting Riders, Igniting Passion

As a vibrant and dynamic organization, SANESA has earned its accolades from the esteemed South African Equestrian Federation (SAEF) and SASCOC - South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee. Our unwavering dedication revolves around propelling various forms of equestrian sports throughout South Africa’s school community, making us a recognized force in the realm of interschool sports.

Operating under the auspices of the Department of Basic Education, we stand as a testament to the fusion of athleticism and education.

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SANESA Nationals

Experience the pinnacle of equestrian excellence at SANESA Nationals - where passion, skill, and dedication unite in a thrilling showcase. Join us for an unforgettable celebration of equestrian talent

Welfare of your Horse

Your horse's welfare matters! Discover tips for nurturing your equine friend's health and happiness. Learn how to care, bond, and ride responsibly for a joyful partnership. Join us in fostering a safe and loving environment for our four-legged companions!


Celebrate your dedication, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Your commitment to your horse's welfare and your passion for equestrian excellence shine brightly. Keep riding high and inspiring others!

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Preserve the magic of your equestrian journey with SANESA. From thrilling victories to heartfelt connections, relive every stride and triumph through the lens of cherished moments.
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Joining SANESA transformed my riding journey! The camaraderie, support, and thrilling competitions pushed my limits, making me a better rider. From nervous beginnings to podium moments, it's where I found my passion and a community that feels like family. Don't miss the chance to ride with SANESA—it's a game-changer!

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